About Us

Beth Sholom is a unique modern orthodox Jewish community. We welcome members across the spectrum of observance and place on their individual spiritual journey.

Each Shabbat hundreds attend our spirited Friday night service and multiple Shabbat morning minyanim. Children love to participate in our special Torah Tots, Torah Kids, and Teen programs, and adults love the spiritual as well as social fulfillment from our active community.

This involvement includes an amazing state of the art Early Childhood Center; meaningful and fun programs like our annual Hanukkah Meet, Greet and Beat Night; Purim Shpiel; Simchat Torah and Shavuot BBQs; Tuesday Night Torah with a soup break made by the Rabbis; Women's Tefillah Services; Annual Program By And For Women; Sisterhood; Guy's Night Out with Ribs and Passover Learning; riveting Shabbatonim; Daf Yomi and so much more!

You need to experience it to truly appreciate why so many have chosen Beth Sholom as their community. We encourage you to reach out to us so you can become part of this great community family and truly enjoy the Beth Sholom experience.