For Adults

For the most up to date class information please email to be put on Beth Sholom's email list or call our office at 301-279-7010.

Tuesday Night Torah 

Each Tuesday night, a variety of adult education classes are taught by Rabbi Antine, Rabbi Kawior, and Dr. Len Cooper. 

Tuesday Night Torah classes are open to all members and non members.  The classes make it easy to learn about interesting topics while at the same time easily meet other people in a very informal comfortable setting.  There is no fee for the classes.

Tuesday Night Torah: Rabbi Antine's class will resume in the Fall

Breslov Chassidus with Len Cooper: Tuesdays  8:15 pm

Talmud with Rabbi Kawior: Tuesdays 9:30pm

Sponsorships available - $125. Email for date availability  


Daf Yomi 

Mornings: Sunday 8:45am; Mon-Fri 7:25am
Evenings: Sunday-Tuesday: After Ma’ariv

Daf Yomi (Hebrew: דף היומי‎, Daf HaYomi, "page of the day" or "daily folio") is a daily regimen of learning the Oral Torah and its commentaries (also known as the Gemara), in which each of the 2,711 pages of the Babylonian Talmud are covered in sequence. Under this regimen, the entire Talmud is completed, one day at a time, in a cycle of seven and a half years.

Tens of thousands of Jews worldwide study in the Daf Yomi program, and over 300,000 participate in the Siyum HaShas, an event celebrating the culmination of the cycle of learning.

Following morning services each day, learning a page of the Talmud is being taught and learned.  The learning takes place in the Conference Room and begins around 7:30 AM and ends about 8:15 AM.  Participants are welcome to attend on a daily basis and/or when your schedule allows.  Teaching and learning occurs in a very relaxed setting and no prior Judaic knowledge is required. Many members of Beth Sholom participate in this beautiful tradition of learning and we often have special Daf Yomi programs; we welcome new participants! Check the calendar for updates. 

Learn more about Daf Yomi.  


Torah, Rashi and Commentaries - Mondays 1:30 pm 

The class & discussion with Meyer Katzper is for all knowledge levels & will take place in the Library. Questions, contact


Torah Portion of the Week - Wednesdays 9:00-10:00am

Please join us for an informal class/discussion with Rabbi Antine on topics from the weekly Parshah. This class will give you material to discuss at the Shabbat Table and it will enhance your Shabbat morning experience in shul. 


Drop-In Chavruta - Wednesday - 5:00 PM first and third Wed. each month

Located in the Conference Room – A group of interested Jews who discuss (or just listen) to recorded lectures delivered by rabbis, scholars and other experts on a wide variety of subjects. All are welcome. Questions? Contact Ira Kaminow

Kabbalah and Chassidut - Thursday at 11:30 AM

Join Rabbi Antine in his study for an informal class on Kabbalah and Chassidut The material will often relate to the weekly parshah or upcoming holidays. The texts that we will study ask some of the big questions in Judaism: What is the nature of G-d? How does revelation work? Why is the point of Prayer and Mitzvot.  Please email if you would like to be put on the class email list.

Parsha with Rabbi Teitelbaum: Thursday right after Maariv.


 Shabbat Limmud

Overview of Shabbat Limmud

4-6 times per year, a special Shabbat program called Shabbat Limmud is provided 15-20 minutes into the beginning of Kiddush.  A variety of workshops and learning sessions are attended by the hundreds of people attending Beth Sholom on Shabbat. This program is enormously well received and enjoyed by all.

Summary from Shabbat Limmud

Don Cymrots Handout - Chanukah and Thanksgiving Nov 2013

Nov 24, 2012



Each year, 2-5 very special Shabbatonim take place.  Two of the Shabbatonim are annual occurrences with one being the Herbert Lieberman Memorial Shabbaton and the second being the Shoah Shabbaton. 

The Herbert Lieberman Memorial Shabbaton invite scholars from all over the world for riveting, thought provoking learning experiences coupled with delicious Friday night and Shabbat lunch meals.

The Beth Sholom Shoah Shabbaton, "European Jewry: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" takes place either slightly before or after Yom HaShoah.  The program is dedicated to honoring our survivors, remembering those who did not survive the Holocaust and seeks to inspire and motivate each of us to help support and encourage Jews wherever they live to have a meaningful and fulfilling Jewish life.