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Beth Sholom Congregation’s Sisterhood Rocks!

That's right, we're alive and well -- any reports to the contrary notwithstanding! As the successor organization to the Ladie's Auxiliary, the Sisterhood has undergone an extensive transition. Many of its principal functions have spun off and are run more efficiently by individual committees. To name a few:

  • Chesed Committee
  • Shabbat Kiddush Committee
  • Social Action Committee
  • Shabbat Candle Lighting at Sibley Hospital
  • Ingber Gift Shop

We meet as necessary to coordinate programs and to assign individuals to lead them. Our tastes run the gamut from Judaic, religious, educational, health, food, and many more topics.

We are a “multi-generational sisterhood, “ so whether you’re twenty or ninety or in between, we welcome you!

If you’re interested in meeting and befriending other women in the congregation and doing worthy and meaningful volunteer work that is also lots of fun, please join us. Dues are only $25 per year or $150 lifetime.

For more information contact Ilene Schneider at



Social Action Committee

Beth Sholom Congregation and Talmud Torah is committed to helping individuals and the community.  Our goals are to aid the community by providing services to the needy and to foster a greater awareness of the needs in the greater Washington, DC area.  In doing so, the Social Action Committee is putting Tzedakah into words as well as action.

Interested individuals and families should contact Ev Marcus-Wheeler or Debbie Klis at

Yom Kippur Food Drive

The Social Action Committee will be providing empty bags at the shul during Rosh Hashonah for our annual Yom Kippur food drive. We encourage everyone to fill the bags, supplied by Kosher Mart, with food and return them to the shul during Yom Kippur. Last year we collected about a ton of food for the Manna Food Center, Montgomery County's only food pantry. Your help is needed on this as well as many of the projects planned for this year. A copy of the Social Action Committee's calendar is attached to each bag and can also be found in the atrium. Please give generously so we can provide even more food for Montgomery County's poor. For further information about the drive or this year's projects, please contact Debbie Klis (, Ev Marcus-Wheeler ( or Leisha Self (