Minyanim (Tefillah Services)

We do not "pray", a word derived from the Latin "recare" (to beg), suggesting that we beseech G-d to do something different than He intended because we get down on our knees and implore Him to do so. "Lehitpale" means "to stand in self-judgment". It is we who judge ourselves and in judging, transform our identity. We become someone else...the "Amidah" demands standing and asking G-d "and make us righteous with justice" - because what you decreed for one person is no longer relevant for the new individual who now stands before you. "Tefillah" is therefore predicated on the transformation of the one who is "saying his Tefillah".

-- From "Understanding Judaism", Rabbi Benjamin Blech, Jason Aronson Inc., 1994.

Daily and Evening Services

Note that exceptions to the daily schedule occur on Chol Hamoed, Chanukah, Purim, Yom Ha Atzmaot, Yom Yerushalaym, Rosh Chodesh, Days of Fasting or a National Holiday. Service Times.

Shabbat and Shalosh Regalim Services:

Hashkama Minyan 8:15 am
Epstein Minyan 9:00 am
Blair Club 8:45 am
Sephard Minyan 9:00 am
Fox Wing Minyan 9:15 am

Children's Programs
Potomac 9:30 am -12:00 pm

Torah Readers Wanted

The Gabbayim are looking to develop a more comprehensive email list of men willing to read the Torah on Shabbat 
& other times. If you would like to be on the list please send your email address to

Interested in learning to read from the Torah, read Haftorah or lead services? 

The Kol Kore Torah Tutor software uses multi-media & allows self-learning. The Adult Education Committee has also arranged for adult men to receive free one-on-one lessons with volunteers from the community. For more information or to schedule a private class, please contact Brett Fine and