Minyan Challenge


Thank you for your interest in the minyan challenge. 

Every member of our community (men and women as is explained below) has a responsibility to support our daily minyan. Given our Halachic requirement of having only men count toward the minyan, we believe that every adult male member has a responsibility to attend at least one daily minyan every week. Pick your minyan. It could be a shacharit. It could be Sunday morning, a late maariv or afternoon mincha and maariv. Whatever you pick, do not let a week go by without attending a weekday minyan. 

Here are two compelling reasons that everyone in the shul (men and women) should get more serious about davening, especially at shul. 

1.) Community - We have mourners at almost every minyan at shul. We go to the funerals and shiva and we commit to helping them through the year. One of the most important forms of support is to make sure that they have a minyan to say kaddish. We also have female mourners saying kaddish at almost every mincha/maariv service. Maharat Fruchter does her best to support them but they would greatly benefit from the support of female members of our community. 

2.) Personal Spirituality - Our lives are so busy and sometimes it feels like we don't even have a minute to step back and frame our daily and weekly goals. Morning minyan gives us a chance to think about our upcoming day. What are our Jewish goals in terms of our work, study, family, and friends? What do we want to accomplish? We then come to mincha and maariv at the end of the day and have a chance to reflect back. What goals have we accomplished? What do we want to work on for tomorrow? What are we grateful for from the day? 

In short, coming to daily minyan will make us better Jews, better friends, and better family members. It will also give us an opportunity to support our mourners and those who are most vulnerable in our community. 

Please let us know if you are willing to take the Minyan Challenge and commit to one minyan a week? If this is not possible, commit to one every other week or even once a month. Whatever you do now, try to do more.

Sign up is Here

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on how to improve daily minyan attendance at Beth Sholom, please let us know. You can share information here.

Thank you,

Rabbi Antine & Maharat Fruchter