Women's Tefillah

Women's Shabbat Tefillah Services Schedule!


What we do:  Our Women's Tfillah Service meets several times during the year for inspiring and participatory services, Torah reading, and Divrei Torah.  We encourage participation on any level by all our women members and Bat Mitzvah-age girls; we have been privileged to see many of our young girls come of age and become regular participants and leaders.  Younger girls are also given the chance to lead the final prayers at the end of the service.  Our services are a warm, safe opportunity to participate, learn, and develop a personal relationship with Shabbat services.

When we meet: We meet four times a year for shabbat morning Shacharit, Torah reading, Haftorah, and a dvar by one of our members, and we then rejoin the main shul for musaf and the Rabbi's Dvar.

We also meet occasionally for Mincha on Shabbat afternoons, and it is common for many of our Bat Mitzvah girls to read torah for the first time at a specially-organized mincha service, surrounded by friends and family.

Interested? Questions? Help is available for those interested in learning how to read Torah or lead davening.  We are also always looking for volunteers to help organize and/or lead services or read Torah and Haftorah. 

To sign up for alerts and information relating to womens' tfillah, to participate or learning opportunities send your email to jpelt@bethsholom.org. If you have questions or would like to become involved, please contact the office and you will be put in touch with one of the group organizers.