Seudah Shlisheet

The Third Meal

How does one say farewell to Shabbat?  Six or more tables of Seudah Shlisheeters gather at Beth Sholom between Mincha & Maariv-Havdalah services to schmooze, nash, sing, and learn.  We meet in an intimate setting.  Our Rabbis lead spirited singing, recognize the sponsors, and offer a nugget of wisdom as a take away for the week.    

Ten teams take turns laying out food, beverages and utensils, and then cleaning up.  Most teams have five members.  Each team works five times per year.  The team members share responsibility for the purchases.

Beth Sholom members observing life cycle events, like a birthday or yahrzeit, often sponsor the seudah.  The sponsor pays for the food and beverages.  The team of the week does the rest.  When there are no sponsors the team of the week covers the cost of food and beverage. 

To sponsor a Seudah Shlisheet, contact the office and the appropriate team. 
To join a team, contact the office for help in identifying the Seudah Shlisheet teams coordinator.

Seudah Shlisheet Schedule, Updated May 2018

Seudah Shlisheet Team Roster, Updated May 2018